Leadership Academy

Cognia's North Dakota Leadership Academy

Join the North Dakota Leadership Academy, sponsored by Cognia! This program centers on building your educational leadership excellence through engaging, customized professional learning complemented by targeted group coaching. You’ll join a cohort of North Dakota educational leaders over four to five months to expand your capacity and effectiveness as a leader with a focus on equitable teaching and learning. Authentic and meaningful strategic thinking, planning, and implementation will be interwoven throughout all professional learning sessions. At the conclusion of the Leadership Academy, you will demonstrate your learning through an updated strategic plan focusing on your priority areas.

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Leadership Academy Sessions

June/July 2021: Learning Series 1 – Three 90-minute modules (virtual webinars)

Module 1:

  • Growth mindset
    • Identify the three (3) types of brain changes that occur during learning
    • Identify fixed and growth mindset characteristics
    • Reflect on personal mindset as a learner and as an educator; include high expectations for all learners with attention to equity
    • Create a list of growth mindset tips to use personally and with students/learners
    • Employ strategies to ensure high expectations for all students in the classroom

Module 2:

  • Review of Cognia’s Performance Standards
  • Review the Professional Standards for Educational Leaders
  • Connect to strategic plans for meaningfulness and authenticity
  • Walkthrough self-evaluation

Module 3:

  • Needs Assessment: This work starts with brainstorming as participants share your improvement priorities and areas of focus with colleagues. Identify individual learning priorities to guide topics covered during the remaining sessions.
  • Determine group consensus for highest priorities topics to include in the remaining sessions
June/July 2021: Learning Series 2 and 3 – Three 90-minute modules (virtual webinars)

The remaining sessions will be customized to the needs of the cohort and delivered over two to three months. Learning and discussions could include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Strategic thinking and planning
  • Analyzing data (student engagement survey)
  • Engaging students in their learning
  • Facilitating professional learning communities
  • Instructionally embedded formative assessment
Coaching Support

Cognia facilitators will provide four monthly group coaching sessions with leader participants. These sessions will be needs based and include problem solving and support of real-world issues facing North Dakota educators and next steps to support the implementation of their school improvement plan.


$1,000 per leader includes:

  • Multiple virtual learning webinars, equivalent of three full days of customized professional learning
  • 4 hours of targeted group coaching
  • Updated Strategic Plan focusing on identified priorities and critical initiatives
Enrollment Application available here.

This program qualifies for the NDDPI Educational Leadership Excellence Scholarship. University Credit will also be available.

Additional Information

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